»Together with GZS ZEE (Electronics and Electrical Industry Association at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia), we are striving to be your partner in representing the need for input raw materials for Slovenian industry«

– Vision and mission of the Elementum Industry Solutions team and the
GZS ZEE team, 2021

We live in a time of turbulent change, in which the centuries-old business rule stating that the ”Customer is king” is absolutely no longer valid. In recent years, such a situation has been particularly characteristic of the raw materials market, where we are already witnessing the complete opposite rule – that “Supplier is king”. This is not only due to the fact that the price of many raw materials has gone up drastically in recent years, but also that some raw materials are occasionally not available on the market and their price has become practically irrelevant. The European market, which includes our region, is particularly sensitive to this issue, because Europe is importing most of its raw materials.

Unfortunately, production is a permanent process whereby it is not possible to rely on luck or one-time successes in the process of purchasing essential raw materials. We therefore need a planned systematic activity or a strategic principle of permanent provision of raw materials for uninterrupted production. Elementum Industry Solutions (EIS) is here to help you build such a concept and assist you in finding the right solutions on the market, leading you to new long-term purchasing contracts with reliable partners who can respond quickly to new market conditions.


In 2021, Elementum’s team of experts prepared a set of raw materials to be represented by Elementum Slovenia, alongside its business partners in the EU, for the needs of Slovenian industry. We will certainly be happy to receive any precise specifications with your enquiry, where, in addition to the exact definition of the required quality of goods, the desired time dynamics and method of delivery will also be stated. In most cases, of course, we are talking about items from the periodic table of elements, metals and so-called rare earths, which can also be supplied in powder or oxide form or in various alloys. We are mainly offering different variants of supply for the following important elements:

See list of EL35 ELEMENTS



    Peter Slapšak, Director

    • Since 2003, he has been working in finance, and since 2006, he has been engaged with the Elementum group in matters relating to precious metals and raw materials
    • Twice the youngest manager among Slovenia’s top 500 companies
    • Mentor to companies in the international Elementum group
    • With more than 30 presentations each year, Slapšak’s aim is to improve financial literacy in the field of investments in precious metals and raw materials

    Pavel Rihtaršič, Senior Consultant

    • Metallurgist with a degree in economics
    • Consultant to Elementum since its founding
    • 20 years of experience in financial consulting

    Mag. Boris Gerjovič, MBA, Analyst and Management Consultant

    • 7 years of experience in market research management in the aluminium industry
    • He represented the international chain in the field of sales of strategic raw materials in our region for 3 years
    • 2 years of activity in the energy market
    • He has been working with Elementum for 13 years


    Elementum is a Slovenian company that has been operating on the Slovenian market since 2006, celebrating its 15th anniversary of successful operation in September. In 2019, we set ourselves the following visionary goal: “We want Slovenia to become the most financially literate country in the world”, something which supports our socially responsible activities as a socially responsible company (in 2021, we received an accession certificate) in educating and informing the general and professional public in the field of financial literacy:

    Business results place Elementum among the leading companies in Europe in the field of precious metals. In 2020, we started expanding into the field of business solutions for the industry (Elementum Industry Solutions = EIS), where we wish to become a reliable representative for raw materials in the Alps-Adriatic region.

    Elementum has been a member of the GZS Electronics and Electrical Industry Association since 2019, the Slovenian and German Chamber of Commerce (Deutsch-Slowenische Industrie- und Handelskammer) AHK (2021), and the Firefighting Association of Slovenia (2021), and is a Bronze Partner of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (2021).

    References in the field of Elementum solutions for industries: since 2019, we have been successfully supplying input raw materials (Ag-silver) for the Iskra business system.


    Bogdan Kukovec, Business Manager

    Elementum – Ag d.o.o.
    Office in Ljubljana, Šmartinska cesta 106